Session drummer for Velvet demo, Revere, MA 1972, 5 songs
Mesa Wind, Green Mountain Studios, Northfield, VT 1975 (with Mesa Wind members Roy Williams, EJ Boekenkamp & Craig Vogel): 12 Songs, two Roy Williams originals
Four Years Later, Green Mountain Studios, Northfield, VT 1979:  8 songs (4& 4 with Roy Williams and Rick Alpert
Tomy, One “M” Released Aug 2004, Al a Carte Studio, Laytownsville, MD 16 songs
Oasis World Vol. V Number 1 Compilation, Mona’s Connection (I Want to Write a Song) circa 2005
Deeper recorded Jan-Jun 2004, Al a Carte studio, Laytownsville, MD (Unreleased) 12 songs
Friends Helping Friends A Very Special Benefit for The Deborah Wilcox Medical Fund: The “official” bootleg recording -3/26/06, Disc 1 tracks 1-5, La Paz Resturant, Frederick, MD
Sympathetic Vibration, Santuary Lane Studios, Frederick, MD 2009 (Unreleased)
Sky’s Proposal (Anna Wolf), Santuary Lane Studios, Frederick, MD 2009 (Unreleased)
Celtic Faerie: A Contemporary Folk Musical, ZAX TRAX, Frederick, MD & Torchlight Studio 2011-2012 (Pending)
Session Work
Jonah Knight
Our Future is in the Sky, Age Of Steam: Strange Machines (2011), Percussion and vocals
What Christmas Means to Me & Merry Little Mashup, Another Creepy Christmas (2012), Percussion and vocals
“But we shall continue this collaboration for years to come!!!! Bwahaha.” Jonah Knight
Rod Deacey
Skin (2011), Vocals
Trouble (2011), Percussion and vocals
Maybe Tomorrow (2012), Vocals
(For tonight she well be) Flying, 2012 Torchlight Studio, Beallsville, MD with Russell Iceberg and Brooke Robbins