For those musicians who played a major role in the development of my latest CD:
Mike Cerri
Billy Kemp
Broto Roy
Janice Martin
John Thomakos
Phil Wiggins

For those persons and organizations who have been instrumental in achieving my musical dreams:
Sanctuary Lane Sound Studios
Bill Parsons
Bill Wolf
Car Talk
Carolyn WhiteheadCitizen Arts
Country Roads Folk Festival
Dede Wyland
Don Bridges
Ducktrap Bay Trading Company
Frederick Community Jazz Arts Group

Hot Soup
Kevin and Dale
Linda Harrison-Parsons
LisaBeth Weber
Mary Pfister
Moore House Concerts
Narissa Bond
Panzer House Concerts
Paul Reisler
Robert Mirabal
David Morreale
Sego Cafe
Susquehanna Music and Arts Festival
Tom Prasado-Rao
Vic’s Music Corner
Frederick Coffee Company

Songwriters Assoc. of Washington Washington Area Music Association
Focus Music
Folk Club of Reston/Herndon
Poor Ellen Smith

For those who have inspired through marketing creation:

Abby, of, offers a variety of graphic design capabilities. She has created logos, business cards, CD art work, posters, fliers, signs, bumper stickers, buttons and other items. Abby produced my posters and buttons.  She’s worked with corporations, individuals, personal trainers, musicians, writers and a coffee house. She has also done web design on her site, eWitch Freelancing and Wednesday Morning Records.

the now defunct Dragonfly Artist Cooperative, formerly under Chris’s creative hand and Deb’s skilled management, represents over 50 localFrederickCounty environs artists, musicians, writers and is always open late on weekends. As Chris says, “Never the same old thing.” It was a great place to get a unique present from our eclectic artist community for the holidays.
501 N. Market St, Frederick,MD21701.