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Photo Credit: David Hartge

I’m very pleased to share this website with you. It is designed to serve as a resource for my music and the Contemporary Folk genre. The type of music I play is finger-picked, acoustic guitar folk and sing songs based on my own life experiences, inspired by the diverse people I’ve met and myriad of places I’ve been. I am also performing regularly as a multi-genre percussionist and available for recording projects.

Photo Credit: Todd Walker

The definitive Folk Music writer Scott Alarik wrote in his 2003 book, Deep Community: Adventures in the modern folk underground, (Black Wolf Press),

“…But I think we are basically stuck with folk as the label for the contemporary genre that grew from that older traditional form.  Like it or not–many folk people today do not–it is the term by which the majority of people today correctly identify what connects the modern songwriter to the blues singer, the Celtic group to the salsa band.

“…But folk music is also the only term that gives us room to describe those vibrant, important artists who cross all boundaries, who mix old and new, urban and rural, electric and acoustic, traditional and original, international and domestic; and yet remain tied, in some way, to the best aesthetics and instincts of tradition.”

And I hope to be one of those artists. I look forward to seeing you at a live performance.”

(one “M”)

Photo credit: Todd C. Walker

by a jealous
two weeks
in the
of the

“Jesus of Nazareth, King of Jerusalem.
I know that my Redeemer liveth, and that He will call me from the Grave.”1

Bridge to “The Repentant Robert Johnson”
Tomy Wright, Jefferson, MD © 2006
1Robert Johnson,Greenwood,MS, circa 1938

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